the bridge internships


The Bridge Church Intern position will be a chance for an individual to learn about The Bridge Church and serving in ministry with hands on experience. Young adult interns do not necessarily need to feel called to vocational ministry, but will be gaining skill training in a ministry setting. Through this internship the individual will assist the Lead Pastor, Team Lead(s), Volunteer Teams, and be challenged to grow in their Spiritual goals, personal goals as well as their professional goals through the entire process as they serve at The Bridge Church.

We are looking for the most committed, passionate, and faith-filled people (ages 18-30) to link shields with us and march forward to see people come together under the name of Jesus.

If you’re looking for an experience that will challenge you to execute in ministry (or any leadership) at a high level, this is the internship for you.
If you’re looking for an experience that will push your limits and build lasting relationships forged by stretching your limits, this is the internship for you.


length of internship 

The internship will start Monday, October 1st and end Sunday, February 24th (5 Months).

Is this a paid internship?
No, this is not a paid internship. Interns are encouraged to work part time or focus on college courses. During the internship, interns will be able to use a Mac laptop. If the internship is completed you may keep your Mac laptop.

responsibilities and mission

The Intern will work directly with The Bridge Church Lead Pastor and Team Lead(s) in planning, setting up, participating and in some cases leading the events at TBC.

Intern may be asked to help in making contacts with people who have visited recently in attempts to make them feel welcome and encourage them to get plugged in Sunday Mornings, take a next step of faith, or Small Groups.

For our “all hands on deck” events, you will be an active part of creative planning, executing, and being present during these events.

You will be asked to join Staff devotional and prayer time.

Intern will need to be pursuing a relationship with Jesus, have a reputation of good character, and hunger to grow as a leader. 

Intern will help out with other general responsibilities, such as: activity and event preparation, participation in “on-stage” activities, correspondence, phone contacts, team building, and other methods of follow up with individuals.

Intern will be assisting in a number of other activities in regards to everyday activities within the ministry. This may include organizing, cleaning, set up, tear down, and preparing areas for use.

Intern will be invited to join the creative process to share the Gospel on a weekly basis. They intern will do this through creative meetings, social media, and the implementation of creative designs.

Intern will be asked to handle appropriate administrative responsibilities as needed.

Normal work hours for interns will be discussed to fit best for the intern and overall team. Hours can be adjusted or made up as long as they are approved ahead of time. Once you have started the program, your hours will be discussed and set to a weekly schedule. Hours are flexible, but 10 hours a week are mandatory to complete internship. This includes the time you spend on Sunday.

Interns will learn and grow as a leader in these areas:

Sunday Morning Public Gathering
o            Learn to use all technology and social media devices
o            Lead, organize, and equip a team of volunteers
o            Learn how to set up equipment for public gathering
o            Help create a culture of passionate worship and engagement during service
o            Intern may have the opportunity to communicate from stage
o            Help locate videos and illustrations to use during worship service

o            Show ability to handle conflict
o            Show ability to make changes or improvements
o            Show ability to work under someone’s authority
o            Show ability to be a leader within a team
o            Be able to identify your strengths in ministry and work to build on those strengths
o            Learn to empower others to accomplish tasks for the mission

o            Learn create and/or Read Spreadsheet to help guide events
o            Learn how to set and work within a budget
o            Learn to use Pro Presenter, Social Media, Streaming Services, Sound Software
o            Learn to work with planning center database
o            Learn to schedule and organize volunteers

Spiritual Formation
o            Effectively communicate how God is working in your life.
o            Spend personal time in prayer and studying God’s word
o            Learn to spiritually feed others through small group or Sunday public gathering
o            Communicators will learn to discern and develop a message
o            Attend church weekly and invite people to church
o            Learn to incorporate your relationship with God in to all of your relationships with others. (Family, future spouse, friendships, etc.)